Prevention: Condoms

If condoms are used correctly every time you have sex, they are effective in preventing pregnancy and the sexual transmission of HIV and STIs.

Remember a condom is only as safe as the person who uses it! If the condom is used correctly every time, it is a very effective way to protect yourself.

A condom acts as a barrier to keep any bodily fluids (from both females and males) from passing from one person to the other during sexual activities or intercourse. You must choose the correct and safe type of condom to prevent transmission.

When choosing a condom remember it is important to check the following:
1. The expiry date.

2. If the packet is still intact and not damaged in any way.

3. If the condom is still lubricated and not dried out.

Condoms can be bought lubricated or non-lubricated and if you want to use more lubricant, remember you must never use Vaseline, oils or creams as they cause holes and will break the condom. Only use a water based lubricant like KY jelly, but you can also use plain yoghurt or egg white.

DO NOT USE a condom if it is past its expiry date, if the package is in any way damaged or if the condom is dry. 

The advantages of using a condom