Sexual Violence & HIV

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It is no secret that there is a huge link between sexual violence and the spread of HIV. This is largely due to Gender Based Violence whereby to many women and girls being exposed to HIV during rape and their lack of or lowered access to information, assistance and health care.

Gender Based Violence (GBV) is physical, sexual, psychological or economic violence against a person because they are either female or male. GBV is caused by gender inequality and discrimination and affects every person in every society.
It is important to understand that men, boys, women and girls from all over the world, rich or poor, can be and are victims of violence and discrimination because of their gender.
While men, boys, women and girls suffer because of GBV, it is in fact mostly women and girls who are the victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape and sexual violence during conflict. In Africa alone, it is estimated that two in every three women have been a victim of Gender Based Violence!

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